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Why Los Mininos Needs Your Help


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Why Los Mininos Needs Your Help


Let’s start at the beginning…

It all started in 2004 when an acquaintance asked me to take 3 orphaned kittens she rescued from a rain gutter.  Word travels fast!  Soon “rescuers” were presenting me with cats and kittens of all sizes, shapes and temperaments.  Before long there were 16 cats in my care.  Then local animal advocates began organizing and providing much needed spay-neuter services.  But after every clinic there were cats and kittens that had been abandoned.  Animal advocates knew I could be counted on to care for that pregnant cat that had been abandoned on the street, or those kittens found in the garbage. The expenses associated with all these cats came out of my pocket.  It was my responsibility to find good homes for as many as possible.


Now, 15 years later..

I am caring for over 80 animals, some with special needs. In all these years I have rescued from the street one kitten.  All of the other cats and kittens have been placed in my care by someone else who “rescued” them.



My monthly expenses for caring for all of these abandoned cats averages $1 300.  I need the Boquete Community to help me provide quality care for these awesome little felines.  Your monthly donations provide food, medicine, and veterinary services. 


How you can help!

Please follow this link to make your donation to Los Mininos -https://losmininoscatsanctuary.org/donate/ and, help me continue this unique, and much-needed, community service.


Thank you!

Judy Odom

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