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Pantry of the world on line for regional merchants

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Pantry  of the world on line for regional  merchants


Posted 20/08/2020

Twenty  companies from Peru, “the Pantry of the World”  will offer the entire supply of Peruvian healthy foods on line during a  merchant  conference starting  next Monday. THey will reach retail shelves within days.

Merchants from Panama, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, and the Dominican Republic will be able to schedule online appointments with Peruvian producers from August 24 to 28. that will offer quinoa, mandarin, avocado, grapes, mangoes, asparagus, blackberry, aguaymanto, lemon, kion, pomegranates, passion fruit, peppers, pigeon peas, blueberries, and other healthy products.

Within the range of processed foods there will be white, red, and black quinoa; pancakes, soups, cereals, and snacks, as well as quinoa cookies; nutritional supplements made with quinoa and kiwicha, as well as instant flakes that do not need cooking and are gluten-free.

Cocoa  debut
Another flagship product will also make its debut: 100% Peruvian pure cocoa paste instant or tablet chocolate, made with selected beans. various studies associate the consumption of dark chocolate with cardiovascular health due to its high content of antioxidants.

Peru ranks 13th among the world's fruit and vegetable exporters,  and is the world's second-largest producer of avocados and has established itself as the leading exporter of blueberries, asparagus and quinoa.



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