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Rife in Boquete and Aquaculture


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Hi All,
I hope everyone is doing ok during this next round of quarantine. I am sending a report here on the aquaculture project and Rife technology.
First I want to thank everyone for making the aquaculture project a major success, the response has been overwhelmingly positive. Please check out this link where I was interviewed recently https://thefishsite.com/articles/a-novel-way-to-co-culture-shrimp-and-tilapia. The article was published on thefishsite.com which is the worlds biggest aquaculture site and it will be viewed by about 27, 000 people over the course of the next week. Imagine that. Much of my other work conducted at Emerald Drive was also published there over the past 8 years. 
Armed with a quarter of a century of aquaculture experience gained across four continents, he has succeeded in assembling an economically viable and environmentally friendly system that can regularly produce 4 kg/m 3 of shrimp at harvest.. Here he explains to The Fish Site that it’s been quite a journey, but his patience has finally borne fruit.. Can you give a brief overview of your ...
Second, I am offering a free week of remote therapy with a biofeedback scan using Rife technology for any new client, for the next few weeks only. I have a new, more sensitive biofeedback scan with a recent update of the Spooky2 program. I have also put together a new 5 hour skin cancer treatment that has proven to be very effective and one of my clients, who has experienced complete reduction of skin tumors, has agreed to answer questions for anyone that is doubtful regarding the success of this therapy. Also, please contact me to discuss the latest successes I have had with osteoarthritis, detox and candida overload. 
Warm Regards,
Dr Bill McGraw
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