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Extend the life of your computer


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Is your computer or laptop running slower than normal? Do you have any dust blowing in from the wind? Looking to extend the life of your computer or laptop? Children going back to school?

Inspired Solutions is offering a four week 20% off special, from now until 18-March, on our computer and laptop tune up service. Dust in system fans and on electronic parts will reduce the longevity of the device, damaging fans and causing component damage from overheating. As the weather shifts and winds become rains and increased humidity, the dust then begins to solidify on computer parts causing more extensive problems.

Our Tune-Up maintenance package helps address these problems and more. Regular maintenance, like that on your car or other complex systems, helps to extends the life and value of your computers and laptops. Inspired Solutions' Tune-Up package includes the following services:
    • Physical Cleaning - Remove dust and debris from fans and within the case to extend the longevity of your system.

    • Antivirus / Malware scan and removal - Complete scan of your hard drive to identify and eradicate unwanted software that can give attackers access to your system and private data.

    • Antivirus / Malware protection verification - Ensure the operational capacity of any existing suite of antivirus and antimalware software to provide ongoing protection and offer solutions that may enhance your security.

    • System and Application Updates - Patch and update your operating system and applications to address and vendor identified security and usability issues.

    • Temporary files removal - Remove temporary files from the system that build up over time and reduce your available amount of disk space.

    • Hard Drive Defragmentation - Run a full defragmentation on your drive to speed up access to files and reduce the wear and tear on the hard drive so files are contiguous rather than the disk having to work excessively to access your data.

These services take roughly 24h hours to perform in whole, depending on the size of your hard drive. Our Tune-Up special normally runs $100 per system, a tremendous value for the amount of time and services performed, but for the next month only, we are offering a fantastic deal on these services, with 20% off, so you get this full range of services for only $80. Book now to reserve a time to optimize the performance and longevity of your system!

Extensive experience in computer, networking, and server systems allows us to provide a wide range of services and solutions to address all your technology needs. Over 30 years of experience with Apple Macs, and 25 years with both Microsoft Windows and Linux/UNIX. We have provided services to clients ranging from home and home office to global Fortune 10 companies. We offer comprehensive services for computer and laptop systems, mobile and tablets (both iPhone/iPad and Google Android), wireless and wired networking, home theater systems, and server services such as web site and email design and hosting.

Contact us today to help you plan, install, maintain, and service all your computer and internet needs.

Inspired Solutions

Located in Alto Boquete, near Dorado Shopping Center

** Local references available upon request. **
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