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E-learning Gains Ground in the Region

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E-learning Gains Ground in the Region

So far this year, interest in distance education services in the Central American markets has clearly increased, with Guatemala, Costa Rica and Panama recording the largest increases in interactions on the subject.

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Through a system that monitors in real time the changes in the interests and preferences of consumers in Central American countries, developed by the Trade Intelligence Unit of CentralAmericaData, it is possible to project trends in demand in the short and long term, for different products, sectors and markets operating in the region.

When analyzing the Guatemalan market, the interactive information system details that the interactions associated with the topic of distance education have reported a sustained increase since early March 2020. Positive variations continued until June.

You may be interested in the "Study of University Career Preferences in Central America"

The case of Costa Rica is similar to that of Guatemala, since the end of April, interest in distance education services rebounded. Among Panamanian consumers, there was also an increase in the volume of interactions in the digital environment, which became evident as of March 8.

During March, consumers in Honduras and El Salvador increased their interest in distance education; however, as of the last weeks of April, the number of Internet interactions associated with the topic registered a downward trend.



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