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Beyond pandemic - reforestation advances

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ENVIRONMENT: Beyond pandemic - reforestation advances


Posted 27/06/2020

Thinking beyond the coronavirus pandemic  hundreds  of citizen volunteers , equipped  with bio security kits turned out  on Saturday, June 27 for National Reforestation Day,

The Ministry of the Environment, environmental organizations, and individual volunteers joined together to plant trees and help the planet.

The Ministry’s National Forest Director Víctor Francisco Cadavid, said that that this year the budget included the purchase of as gel and masks.  this emblematic date is celebrated on Saturday 27, reforestation activities throughout the country will last until July 3 , indicating that the responsibility to reforest is a continuous and permanent work on the part of the institution.

Given the situation of restriction of mobility by quarantine in the provinces of Panama and Panama West, volunteers from those provinces will be able to participate in the activity from their homes, planting a tree that offers scenic  beauty or sowing a seed.

Apartment dwellers
 In the case of apartments where there are no spaces to plant a tree, interested volunteers are invited to participate by planting a forest seed to generate a seedling that they can donate to the nearest Regional Ministry of the Environment and which will later be planted in a site devoid of vegetation.

 In the rest of the country's provinces, whose mobility measures have been lifted, only 15 people can participate per point to reforest, who must seek all measures for the prevention of COVID-19 infections, such as the use of masks and keeping distance minimum of 2 meters between  the planters.



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