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The Handicap Foundation needs your donations now


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The lockdown has been particularly hard for our members many of whom rely on government assistance to survive. The Handicap Foundation has tried to step up with packing and distributing food, hygiene supplies and medicines. However, one of our major ways to raise money, our venta de patio, which was scheduled for March was cancelled.

Luckily, our other revenue source, the selling of computers and electronics, has continued. But now we face a shortage of things to sell.

Please, if you have any of the following to donate, we'd like to have it. We can fix almost any computer you can donate. And the older computers are valuable for the high school and university students in our community.

You can drop off your donations at our facility located in Alto Boquete across the street from Chopsticks Chinese Restaurant. Here's what we need:


Desktop or laptop


whether working or not






1099007396_audioequipment.jpg.d4630aed871f76716a298da8ec7451e7.jpg1545495147_videoequipment.jpg.c4b992ad0b2d5e2688c6586912ae41ea.jpgWorking audio and video equipment







1731991492_computercables.jpg.4aebe69a66bda1ea9c0c48c957c53223.jpgComputer cables. Also cell phones, tablets, etc., etc.

Thank you.


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