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No police cooperation in Texas death of Panamanian

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No police cooperation in Texas death of Panamanian


The victim attended Balboa High School

Posted 12/06/2020

Another US  police abuse scandal that surfaced hours after the burial of George Floyd relates to the death of a black Panamanian-American, Javier Antonio Ambler,, the son of Panamanian parents, who died on March 28, 2019.

Ambler,40 was chased for 22 minutes for a traffic violation. When his Honda Pilot car crashed, in Williamson County, Texas, the police hit him with 4 taser shots after  the man warned he  had heart problems and repeated several times: “I can't breathe!”

More than a year later, the death remains under investigation as the district attorney's office accuses the Sheriff's Office of failing to cooperate.

Prosecutor Margaret Moore said what should have been a routine traffic stop ended with Ambler's death. Initial findings show that Javier told officers about his heart defect and that he was not resisting arrest. Videos of the event have appeared on TV screens around the world and have been cited by the Black Lives Matter movement.

The victim was the son of Javier Ambler and Maritza Ambler, both Panamanians. The father was a member of the US Army and his son, although born in the US, studied from 1987 to 1990 at Balboa High School.”



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