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Pizza: Preferences and Potential Markets

In Panama, Plaza Arraiján shopping center and its surroundings is a point that at a distance of five minutes by car monopolizes a captive market of more than 34 thousand people, and of this group of consumers, 19% show interest in pizzas.

Friday, June 5, 2020

In CentralAmericaData we developed a geomarketing tool based on interactive maps, through which you can identify where people are and what characteristics they have as consumers. The map incorporates, for any Central American country, the variables population, income, average monthly expenditure and consumer interests. With this information, it is possible to identify potential clients and define promotional strategies accordingly, or also explore home delivery times from any sales point.

According to Panama's interactive geomarketing system, taking as a reference the Plaza Arraiján shopping center, located in the town of the same name, at a distance of only 15 minutes walking, there is a target market of 15 thousand people, who together spend more than $2.2 million per month.

Of the total, 19% express interest in pizza. A review of the data for this consumer group by age range shows that approximately seven out of ten are between 25 and 49 years old.

Following the analysis of the potential demand for pizzas according to the location of a service point, the information system details that in the vicinity of the Plazas Altos de Tocumen shopping center, another interesting market can be covered. For example, if one wanted to evaluate this location as a point of attention, it details the interactive map that at a distance of five minutes by car can reach more than 53 thousand people who together spend more than $7.7 million per month.

The figures show that 14% of the total number of people are interested in pizzas. When reviewing the data for this group of consumers, it is clear that six out of every ten are women.

CentralAmericaData's maps include such interesting data as the location of consumers according to their income level, their characteristics, purchasing power and interests. It also allows for the dimensioning of the market potential for home delivery in a given area, delivery times and other data, for any city in the region.



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