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Boquete &  Beyond
In conversations about why people choose to live in Boquete, the highest endorsement I consistently hear is that there is a strong sense of community. The evidence has been obvious over the years, whether it was something as grand as Bid4Boquete or as humble as Basura Busters.
Our charities and outreach groups need funding on a consistent basis, so Boquete & Beyond is pleased to announce a dedicated page called Support Your Favorite Charity. Accessed through a permanent button on the home page, it consists of links to donation pages for all of the charities and projects who provided me with their information. Whenever fundraising events resume they will be included as well, giving everyone easy access to offer their generous support.
There is another important new button on the home page, Boquete, which is your doorway into the first installment of the contents from the original mobile app. Community Resources tops the list and is the most comprehensive, centralized collection of giving, caring people and local organizations available anywhere. There is much to explore and there is much, much more to come...stay tuned.
It seems like only yesterday that we launched with 3 BCP Vendors but things have changed. We are very proud of the progress we've made and are grateful for the participation of everyone who's joined us. Unless scrubbed by your email program, everything in red is a direct link to the page in question.
The offer of free setup and free use of the system (Plus 2) is still in place. No one has paid a penny to make use of the ordering system and it will remain free until 2 months after the quarantines are fully lifted. 
To be included or to ask questions, please contact kevin@boquete.app
Brought to you by Kevin Fisher and Jeff Dufresne
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