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GoGoose Delivery Going Into Phase 2

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Hello everyone, it's been well over a month since you've heard from GoGoose Delivery, but since the government is going to loosen the restraints tomorrow and allow us to enter Phase 2 of the lockdown easement, we figured this would be a good time to reach out again. 
We have all been dealing with this lockdown scenario differently. Some people found comfort in the fact that the government was looking out for our well-being, and others took serious offense to it and viewed it more as government overreach. Whatever your opinion of it is, or was, the fact remains that beginning tomorrow, June 1st, 2020, people will be allowed out again between the hours of 5 am - 7 pm without any cedula or shopping restrictions. 
If you haven't been out and about as of late very much, you probably haven't seen the general attitude of people regressing to the 'old ways' again. While standing in lines people are creeping up closer. People are wearing their masks around their necks or below their chins, especially when talking, and even in some cases they just hold their masks in their hands, not even strapped to their faces. This indicates to me that people are forgetting that these restrictions were put in place for a reason. We get it, people are growing tired of the restrictions, but the longer we as a community don't abide by them, the longer we'll have to deal with them. 
GoGoose is asking that everyone takes care of themselves as you enter into the 'new normal'. It is still highly suggested that if you don't have any real pressing needs to go out into the public sector, that it's still best to shelter in place. This is particularly important for the very young and the very old and definitely most important tho those with pre-existing conditions or those whose immune systems aren't running at 100%. Just yesterday there were a total of 487 confirmed new cases. That's one of the highest numbers we've seen. Granted, these numbers are not coming from our district or area, but why it's important to heed the advice of maintaining a Security Fence, keep our social distances, and keep our mouths covered with some type of mask. Remember, masks aren't exactly for your protection, but for the protection of others. So, enough of the dry stats and let's get into what GoGoose Delivery has been up to since we last had contact. 
GoGoose Delivery had a ton of emails after our last email across this medium, and it was quite overwhelming at first, but we got past it and seemed to have ironed out most of the concerns and complications that some people were experiencing with our website. In our last email, we released to the public our online shopping and food delivering website, GoGooseShop.com. Since that original launch, a lot of things have changed, especially when it comes to ordering food from restaurants to be delivered. As far as the online shopping experience is going, the ever-time-consuming task of loading the big stores' inventory is a daunting task and it's going much slower than anticipated. However, it's a constant work in progress. The good news is that the restaurant food ordering system is flying along.
GoGoose Delivery and BoqueteEats.com have joined forces and have made the food ordering process much, much easier, and way more secure. Due to the simplification of the process, more restaurants want to be listed on our sites. You can see our growing list of restaurants on BoqueteEats.com. To sum up the ordering process you should know that orders have a $3 delivery minimum charge and/or $0.66 per kilometer. The $3 minimum covers Bajo Boquete, and Alto Boquete to about the Plaza San Francisco area. If you've been following our Facebook, Instagram, or Tik Tok social media presence, you have for sure seen by now that GoGoose Delivery has been taking your safety very seriously and have implemented, and continue to implement more safety standards as we go. We also don't stop come rain or shine. It's been challenging, but at the same time, it's been well worth serving our community and doing our part in keeping people safe and still being able to get their household goods. 
Anyhow, time to bring this to a close. Take a few minutes and check out GoGooseShop.com and BoqueteEats.com and see if we can work for you.
Find us on:
Website - GoGooseShop.com
Food Ordering - BoqueteEats.com
Grocery List Email - GoGooseDelivery@gmail.com
We look forward to assisting you with your delivery needs. Please feel free to contact us at +507 6226 2924. You can call us directly or send me a WhatsApp.**

GoGoose Delivery


WhatsApp: +507 6226 2924 


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GoGooseDelivery/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gogoosedelivery/

**Reminder, we must be added to your contact book, in your phone, before you can message us with WhatsApp. 

Note: You may have to close your WhatsApp session, on your phone, and reopen the app in order to populate our number in your WhatsApp list. 
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