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On Wednesday I was assisting at the final sale of Irene's books, her legacy to the Handicap Foundation of Boquete which provides for the needs of those in need in our community.

After the sale I went to my car in the BCP parking lot only to find damage to my front right fender, obviously caused by a door swinging open with too much force and disregard for the property of others.  

This is a rental car and the repair costs to me are going to be substantial.

This is the third time I have had a vehicle damaged in the BCP parking lot since the facility opened. First a rear ender, then a side swipe and now swinging door damage.  It is hard to accept that other expats, knowingly would damage the property of another and take no action to repair that damage. 

You know who you are, this is your chance to make it right.  You can contact me by return email to this post and we can discuss how to solve the problem.  

And, failing any response from the individual responsible, can anyone recommend a good body shop in Boquete or David.
David Bradley
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