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Cloud Forest Botanicals -- Quarantine service

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And, now, it's May, entering month 2.5 of quarantine. It is working!
Cloud Forest Botanicals is continuing to produce and provide traditional herbal products and our unique Hemp & Herb line of herbal tinctures blended with CBD derived from organic HEMP. (This is 100% THC free).
We are also continuing to offer our hand-crafted, artisanal products at discounted rates. Details when you pre-order.
To pre-order, PLEASE go to http://BoqueteandBeyond.com.

  • Follow the pull down menu to select your items for PRE-ORDER.
  • Follow the directions. You have the option to bring cash or use bank transfer to pay. 
  • Pickup site for PRE-ORDERS is in front of the TIKA BAR across from the entrance to BCP. Pickup time is 11 - 11:30 AM on WEDNESDAY.
If you cannot make it during this window of time, please let us know IN ADVANCE and we will try to make other arrangements. 
Whatsapp at 6636-8663 or email at info@cloudforestbotanicals.com if you have any questions or concerns.
See our website (http://cloudforestbotanicals.com) for complete product information. (Out of Stock notice only reflects what is not in our US distribution center. Website prices do not apply to Panama). ALL PRODUCTS ARE AVAILABLE IN BOQUETE and throughout Panama.
We hope you are doing well--staying home, staying calm, staying healthy. Bored? Well, yeah, that's a given. Anyway. May we suggest jigsaw puzzles and gardening?
All the best,
Dianne and Elizabeth from the Cloud Forest
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