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Newsletter April 2020 Amigos de Animales Boquete😺


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Here it is the end of April, and  Amigos de Animales would be just finishing the fourth clinic of the year.  But these are not the usual times. We have not had a clinic since February 23.
However, that does not mean that we are idle.  Along with the food crisis that many families are facing, their domestic pets are also in need of food.  Recognizing that need, Ruby spoke to the mayor and put together bags of dog and cat food to be distributed to those in need as well as the various feeding stations around town. And with the pet food given to the mayor, we also donated 2000 gloves from our clinic to help the workers in need of protection.
This need is ongoing, we still need your donations so that we can continue to support these families.
Here’s how you can donate.....
In addition, the feeding stations sponsored by Martha Miranda and Kirsten and Ray Quimby and others are in need of more food.  With families struggling to feed themselves, the animals will go hungry.
The volunteers at Saldea and DogCamp are also working on providing food and shelter for the local animals, the need is so great at this time.
Another of our volunteers, Rosemary Luma has been reaching out to the indigenous families and bringing them needed pet food.  When visiting one family, she found two pregnant dogs and three 4 month old puppies. Rosemary is a regular volunteer at our clinics and she also brings in animals for sterilization; she often pays for that surgery herself and we want to continue supporting Rosemary and others like her as much as we can.
The animals at La Jungla are in need of food as well.  Five puppies were taken to La Casa de los Animales; their mother had starved. Gijs and Hanny are now feeding and caring for them.  The birds, the monkeys, all the animals need food and care.
Of course, the lack of our spay/neuter clinics will mean a huge rise in the cat and dog population of the Boquete community. Once we get our clinics back up and running, we will be full until the end of the year and then some!
Seeing this current crisis has made us aware that we really need to be able to reach those people in the highlands who cannot get to us.  We have long thought about how helpful it would be if we had our own mobile van, something that could bring the clinic to the people instead of always trying to get them to come to us.  This would by no means eliminate the need for our clinics, but just expand our reach.  This will be one of our major fundraising goals for the future.

In the meantime, please help us help those in need.

For only a $100 donation you get a ticket which will be drawn on July 4. Check out the prizes below and on our website, www.aadab.org Together we are making a difference in the lives of animals and we will win this battle with Covid 19! Be safe!
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