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May at the Old Catholic Church


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The Old Catholic Church

in The Chapel @ Valle Escondido,


The Season of Easter Continues during May


NOTICE:  While the Quarantine for Covid-19 endures,

You may view live presentations of the Mass.

Join us on FACEBOOK, at “Michael Schamp,”

Sunday Mornings at 10 a.m.


You can view a video of each week’s

Celebration of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass on YouTube,

At: “Father Michael Schamp”


1st Week in May:

4th Sunday of Easter:

Theme:  “The Good Shepherd”


2nd Week in May:

5th Sunday of Easter:

Theme:  “Kairos—A Time of Favor”


3rd Week in May:

6thSunday of Easter:

Theme:  “Diversity in Unity”


4th Week in May:

3rd Sunday of Easter:

Theme:  “Prayerful Waiting”


5th Week in May:

Feast of Pentecost:

Theme:  “The Holy Spirit-

Gift of the Father”


Most Reverend Monsignor

Michael J Schamp D.D.

Pastor and Presiding Bishop

Email: fathermichaelschamp@gmail.com


Fr. Michael publishes a weekly  “Pastor’s Letter.”

To find these, click here:


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