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Buenos Vecinos de Boquete February Newsletter


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 Support Buenos Vecinos de Boquete in February!

Buenos Vecinos continues to need your support. This small volunteer force channels every dollar received to the wholesale purchase of food, and then packs it and distributes it to more than one hundred of the neediest families in the community. Some of the faces of our food recipients are:

  • A young single mom with two toddlers, one with a severe cleft palate and asthma

  • A family of seven living in a bamboo hut with no electricity

  • A grandmother caring for her deceased daughter’s children and other family youngsters

  • An older partially-blind man living alone in the woods cooking on an outdoor stove

  • An elderly woman caring for her middle-aged mentally-handicapped daughter

Our clients are particularly needy. Please help!



fam of the month feb 2016

Family of the
Month February

Three years ago Albert was paralyzed from the waist down after a crushing fall on a job site. He lives in Boquete with his wife, Diosalinda and their 7 children, ages 4 to 21, in a 10 x 20 foot wood cabin without electricity. 
 Click here to read more..........If you would like to sponsor this family,
Click HERE to donate now


Thank you from buenos vecinos.

We have a winner

Tom and Tracey Bridges are the lucky winners of our quilt raffle. Buenos Vecinos raffled a beautiful quilt made by Sylvette Day and Johnnie Fernandez. This raffle raised a considerable amount of money for our food charity. Congrats to Tom and Tracey and their ‘fur baby’ Zoë.

Donations for food.

How to Donate?

If you want to make a difference today by putting food on the table of a hungry local family.  Click HERE to donate now Every donation makes a difference.

Jewelry Benefits Buenos Vecinos

Local artist, Germaine Sturtz, has created these lovely  necklaces and is selling them for $10 each. The proceeds will be donated to Buenos Vecinos de Boquete. You can email Germain at panamarichard @gmail.com or call her at 6789-9410.
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