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Why not join in Chiriqui.Life -- the free Boquete on-line community information resource


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Boquete has a free online community information forum for the exchange of ideas, the posting of questions, and the sharing of local information. Chiriqui.Life (CL) has been in operation for about five years and has over 2,000 registered members. It is becoming the preeminent information resource for those who want to receive unbiased and non-sponsored information -- the real story about life in Boquete and the surrounding areas. The information is posted by those who live and work in the region, and thus are "in the know".

Chiriqui.Life (www.chiriqui.life) is devoted not to world affairs or gossip or political carping, but rather to discussions of life in Panama and Chiriqui in general, and Boquete in particular. Among its members are many Boquete veterans, long-time residents who possess a historical perspective and deep understanding of the issues we all face. The knowledge they have to share is invaluable to all residents, especially to those who are new or are assessing whether to move to Panama.
At the current time, we are all stressed about the quarantine. If you wish to have access to timely, accurate, authoritative information about the Covid-19 matter as it affects you, your family, and your friends and neighbors, then CL is the place to be. The primary topic concerning Covid-19 is found at http://www.chiriqui.life/topic/14130-panama-and-the-coronavirus-covid-19-pandemic/. That topic has been viewed over 12,500 times during the past several weeks. If you wish to see all of the Covid-19 content on CL, simply click on the "covid-19" tag (white letters on a black background), which you will find in the upper left corner of this primary topic while viewing the topic referenced in the prior sentence.
CL has what is called a "masthead" photo, which currently is a composite of three different images. Every year and  half to two years we swap out the masthead photo so as to keep things really contemporary. Larry Wilkinson has been a strong supporter of our website efforts, and has from the very beginning of CL provided the images that are used in our masthead photo. The masthead photo was updated earlier today, and so this email is also announcing a new "theme" based on Larry's outstanding photographic skills. The three current images are of a cultural parade in Bajo Boquete, a scenic view of the Volcan Baru, and one of Boquete's famous double rainbows. When you see Larry about town, thank him for sharing his skills with our special community.

Even if you have lived here for a long time, Chiriqui.Life can keep you informed of ongoing activities and special events through its “upcoming events” panel. That is because it has a sophisticated community calendar channel on which registered members can post information about their activities and events. You can advertise your club or group activities without charge.

Chiriqui.Life is locally owned and administered. It is completely free of sponsored ads, which means that you get information that is not biased toward a paying sponsor. Its primary goal is to bring the community together through the exchange of information and discussion of issues related to Boquete and Panama.

And where else can you find reviews of various cultural activities in our area, along with pictures, as well as inclement weather alerts and advisories issued by local agencies and the US Consulate, etc.?
Share your information and bring your questions to www.chiriqui.life.

Sign up and join your neighbors and friends, CL is free.
We close with a sincere urging that you all take this Covid-19 matter seriously, but at the same time do not let it consume you. By working together we will get through this. Things will change in the future, but hopefully not the friendly nature of our special community in the Chiriqui highlands.

Marcelyn Jandreau and Bud Huber
Sole owners and administrators, and full-time Boquete Residents
email: support@chiriqui.life

P.S., It is suggested that first-time visitors to the website click on the "Activity > All Activity" link {in the upper right corner on the home page) to view the latest discussions in descending chronological order.

P.P.S., We also recommend that you review our "Welcome Aboard" message at http://www.chiriqui.life/topic/11-welcome-aboard/. That topic includes more detailed information about how to take advantage of and use CL.

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