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Coronanvirus Spawns CONVENIENCE REVOLUTION in Boquete


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Boquete & Beyond

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The current situation with the Tuesday Market suspended and people avoiding restaurants has highlighted the need for an easy, convenient way to place orders. Many businesses are offering takeouts and deliveries but the ordering process leaves much to be desired...Until NOW
For the last 8 months I have been working to achieve this by building a new and much faster version of the mobile app Boquete & Beyond, which will have tools available such as restaurant ordering and table reservations, food ordering from BCP vendors, appointment scheduling with salons, bodyworkers, etc.
This version is not ready for prime time, so I built a lite website version for those who choose to make it easy for their customers to place orders during this time of crisis...and beyond. Instead of phoning, emailing or texting orders, customers can use the familiar online shopping format. Simply scroll through the list of products, click on the quantity for each item and hit Submit... Easy-Convenient-Fast.
Just like the original version of the app, the new one will include every business with a free, basic listing but these new features will not be free...except for the next two months. As a way to support our community I am waiving the setup fee and monthly maintenance charges for the next two months for any business that signs up now. No one is obligated to continue using the ordering system once the crisis is over and the monthly charges begin.
I am reaching out to businesses to educate them on this option but if they hear directly from their customers that this is desired, they are more likely to sign up... please request it. If you want to be a real revolutionary, make your voice heard, tell them... I want this! Remind them that it costs them nothing to get started because I am absorbing(donating) in excess of $150 in fees for each business that joins. I am also very busy building the website and order forms so don't have a lot of time for outreach, so please share this information with your favorite businesses, including restaurants, cafes, bakeries, salons, bodyworkers, health care professionals, yoga classes, gyms, spas, etc...I'll accept them all under the same introductory offer. 
This came together very quickly and the first to join are Ana's Veggies, Global Food Providers and
Cloud Forest Botanicals. As others join our Convenience Revolution they will appear on the website.
Please go to boqueteandbeyond.com and place your orders but please
read the instructions about when to order and pickup instructions.
If you get a message that the order form is not available,
it means they are not accepting orders at that time.
To be included or ask questions, please email kevin@boquete.app
Better yet, click the Join The Revolution button on the website.
If you want to install the original version of the app, search for Boquete & Beyond in the google or apple app stores. The original will continue to function normally until the new version is ready in a couple of months and I will add the order function there for each business that joins. But, the website version will be easier to use for some people.
Finally, major credit goes to my developer, Jeff Dufresne, who has worked long hours for pauper's wages in order to make this community gift possible. Give him a hug if you see him...well...at least a head nod and a thank you...:)
Boquete Business Solutions
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