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All businesses in Panama ordered shut down with only these exceptions


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Courtesy of Panama Laws for expats and translated by James Bondoux. You can join this group by going to https://groups.io/g/PanamaLawsForExpats

President Cortizo issued Executive Order #500, dated 19 March, 2020 and published today, ordering the shutdown of commercial enterprises, and specifying these sectors granted an exception to the shutdown.



Article 1. The temporary closure of commercial establishments and companies of natural or legal person is ordered throughout the national territory, with the exception of the following activities:
1. The entire chain of production, distribution, marketing and sale of:
A. Food: food processing plants, packers and distributors, supermarkets, hypermarkets, grocery stores, packaging and packaging companies, and drinks food.
b. Medicines and hygiene products (Pharmacies)
C. Security equipment.
d. Construction materials. (Hardware stores, manufacture and distribution of gas and water tanks).
and. veterinary and agricultural supplies.
F. Maintenance companies, operation and distribution of medical equipment.
g. Manufacturers of packaging and supplies for all the items listed above.
h. Printers.
i. Laundries.

2. Everything related to maritime, land and air transportation, logistics and the Panama Canal, such as airports, services and repairs to ships, aircraft, ports, customs brokers, Panama Metro, MiBus, contracted transportation to mobilize companies transportation services and workshops, wood export transportation, transportation of fuel and gas, maintenance of cars and auto parts, fuel stations and gas stations.
3. Everything related to security (private security).
4. 4. Suitable lawyers to exercise the defense of people detained during the Toque de Queda period.
5. Restaurants only for home delivery or take away orders.
6. Fuel distribution, supply and transport companies.
7. Everything related to Banking, finance, cooperatives, insurance and other financial services. Including providers of electronic processing of transactions, checks and images of financial institutions.
8. Companies that provide public services:
to. Communications and transportation.
b. Call centers
c. Gas stations and all companies in the liquid and gaseous fuel supply chain
d. Light and electric energy.
and. Industry of generation, transmission, distribution and operation of energy.
F. Cleaning.
g. Provisioning and distribution of water destined to serve the population.
h. Sanitary
i. Hospitals
j. Private clinics
k. Veterinary clinics
l. Funeral homes, cremation rooms, cemeteries.
9. Construction industry including manufacture, distribution and dispatch of concrete, cement and its derivatives, quarries.
10. Agricultural industry including agricultural labors. As well as the Agri-Food Industry, including food and beverage distribution centers.
11. Medical-hospital equipment, medications, vaccines and any other articles and public health supplies, including manufacturing, suppliers and maintenance thereof.

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