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Important Update on local Food Deliveries/COVID-19 new numbers


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Great day to you all. 



I want to address a few issues before we move forward concerning some of the changes we will be making.  Since Covid-19 has spread to Panama and the number of cases are rising rapidly each day (as of today 3/18, there are 86 cases and 1 death in 32 different areas of Panama, the closest cases are being reported in Cerro Punta (1) and Las Lajas (1) ), it is incredibly important that we take every precaution to stay healthy and safe.  Restricting your movement, keeping social distancing, and practicing good hygiene are just a few measures that you can take to help reduce the spread of this infectious virus. 


For the last 4 years we have been offering a pickup and delivery service for our dinners and during this challenging time we plan on continuing this service (with a few slight modifications)  


If you plan on picking up your order here are a few changes that you need to be aware of.


1.  Our pick up days and times have changed.  You can pick up your order on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday between 11am and 3pm.

2.  We are asking that you call ahead so that we can get your order ready.  If you are coming on Saturday or Sunday you can call me at 6866-0072 and if you are coming on Monday you can call Chandler at 6644-1934

3.  If you order a Banana Bread you must pick up on Monday as this is when they will be ready

4.  Please try and bring exact change if possible.  If you can't I understand

5. Please respect social distance.  We are asking that one customer come to the gate at a time and the rest stay in your cars.  Once that customer leaves the next one in line can approach.  If you call ahead and have your money ready this process will go quite fast.

6.  If you are sick or are experiencing any flue like symptoms please don't leave your home.  

7.  We are implementing these changes for our protection and for yours.  If you have a problem with any of these changes you can contact me privately and we can discuss the matter   


If you plan on taking delivery here are a few changes you will need to be aware of.

*****We are asking that if you can pick up please select that option*****

***If you can't pick up and require delivery please review the new changes***


1.  I will make all deliveries on Monday.  Starting at 9am until I am finished.  Between 9am and 12, I am generally delivering in Bajo Boquete and Alto Boquete.  Between 12 and 5 - I am generally delivering to the outer areas of Boquete.  Be patient.

2.  We will only be accepting cash for your orders.  At this time no checks will be accepted

3.  Please try to have the correct change if possible.  If you can't I understand.

4.  I will be in a hurry so if you have a gate or a fence, I am asking that you meet me there.  I will call ahead to let you know I am coming.

5.  If you live in an area that has a difficult road to get to, I am asking that you either select pick up or you meet me in town and I can give you your order.  Areas like Alto Jaramillo are included in this zone.

6. I will not be delivering to the David area for the time being.  If you live in David or the surrounding areas you will have to come by and pick up your order.  This may change in the future.

7.  If you are sick or are experiencing any flu like symptoms please let me know in advance.

8.  As this situation evolves so shall we.  

9.  We are implementing these changes for our protection and for yours.  If you have a problem with any of these changes you can contact me privately and we can discuss the matter


With that out of the way this week we have lots to choose from.  We are offering bacon leek casserole, Sweet sticky spicy chicken, Chinese Orange Chicken, Low Fat Turkey Taco Lasagna, Kung Pao Chicken, Breakfast sausage (Mild and Spicy), and chicken and apple sausage (this is no longer pork free).  We also have lots of fermented foods to keep your probiotics high and many more options.    


Chicken Pot Pies will be on the menu next week!!


If you want to get on our email list please click here:  Click here to get on my mailing list!! 




Check out our menu by clicking this link below and if you have any questions don't hesitate to send me a phone call or email.








Thank you and we look forward to seeing you soon.  Be safe, Practice good hygiene, and be healthy,

Eric, Cecelia, Chandler, Keira, Aidan

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