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ACCBoquete refund notice and donation


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Just a reminder that anyone who purchased a ticket for the Saturday Sausagefest event scheduled on March 14th can come by San Francisco Plaza on Tuesday, March 17th for your refund. Refunds will be given as you turn your ticket into us. We will be sitting on the sidewalk outside of Mort's Bakery.


Despite having to cancel our fund-raising event, Boquete Charity Fest, this past weekend, the charities we were going to support still have financial needs to continue doing the amazing job they do for our community.


PLEASE NOTE:  ACCBoquete has decided to proceed with giving cash donations to the charities we were going to split from our profits from the above fundraiser events between. Buenos Vecinos Boquete, Dog Camp, Escuela Estrella Los Valle, Handicap Foundation, Panama Princess League, and Casa Esperanza. 


The need for money for these charities to continue to care for Boquetes needy never stops. 


In light of that....we will have a donation bucket at a table on the sidewalk outside of Mort's Bakery where we will be refunding ticket money.   If you wish to make a donation to the charities we are supporting, we appreciate any amount you donate to these worthy charities..    


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