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Tuesday Market -- Cloud Forest Botanicals


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Like many others, we want to respect the Mayor's wish for the BCP Market to not meet as regularly scheduled until April 7. Avoiding large crowds is a really good idea.
We also, like many others, want to serve the clients who depend on us.
We will be in the parking lot of Boulder 54 from 9 AM to 11 AM this Tuesday. We will accept cash or credit cards.
If paying with cash, please bring small bills. Please do not crowd -- wait your turn and be nice.
Specials -- Super Immune Booster and No Bark Cough Relief Combo -- $30.00 (regularly $40)
All Hemp & Herb formulas 10% off.
If you would like to pre-order (some stock is limited, so this is a good idea), please email us at orders@cloudforestbotanicals.com NO LATER than NOON on Monday.
We will reserve all pre-orders. Others are first come first served.
And here is the link to our newsletter, Pandemic Panic in Panama!! : https://www.cloudforestbotanicals.com/uncategorized/pandemic-panic-in-panama-all-around-the-world/
Stay well. Stay smart. DO NOT PANIC.
Thank you
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