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Natural ways to build your immunity against Covid -19


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I have been inundated in the last few weeks with the question  " what will naturally boost your immunity again the coronovirus or Covid-19. Additionally, how do we treat Covid -19 if its here?

Covid 19 has infected hundreds of thousand and claimed thousands of lives. While researchers are scrambling to find a cure.Experts  believe boosting the immune system can help prevent the spread of the disease.
 Vitamin C- clinical studies have verified the anti-viral activity of vitamin C against different viruses
Every virus responds this treatment regardless of whether it is SARS, bird flu, MERS or this corona virus.
daily oral does up to 10,000 mg or if infected IV treatments are required. Please listen to Dr. Rowen in the video below explaining how oxidants in the blood prevent the virus from replicating.
vitamin D3- is a natural treatment for flu infections, it creates cathelicidin, an anti-biotic protein that eliminates bacteria, fungi, parasites, and viruses.
5000-16,000 IU of vitamin D3 maintains blood levels essential for  preventing infections;
1200 IU of vitamin D3  reduced risk of flu by 50%.
Silver-doses of 10-20 PPM have been shown to prevent infections.silver can also prevent an infection from spreading.Silver kills most most kinds of viruses by binding to the DNA of the virus cell.
Zinc- is a trace mineral involved in more than 300 enzyme reactions in the body. It is essential for healthy immune function
Iodine-is a mineral found in some foods. The body needs iodine to make thyroid hormones. These hormones control the body's metabolism and many other important functions.
Through www. Riverwellnessint.com I am offering this program for 20% off. 
Clink on my online dispensary and order. Products are shipped to your freight forwarder.
I only carry the best practitioner brands!
Thorne brand zinc picolinate 30 mg. (one per day) 12.80
Life Extension brand iodine 1000mcg. (one per day) 6.40
Country Life buffered vitamin C 1000 mg. (one or more per day) 25.00
Pure Encapsulations  brand D3 5000 I.U (one per day) 22.80
Argentin 23 brand bio-active silver hydrosol 11.99
This program is 79.00...but is good for two or more months.
If you are not  on a good multi- vitamin I suggest Innate Response brand one daily 35.51
Minerals-- Trace Minerals  Research 300 tablets 35.51, it is  the best mineral available in my opinion.
https://youtu.be/g-jDbCuD8Zk  Please warch "Coronavirus from a perspective outside the mainstream" on You Tube
Through River wellness International I work with local Panamanian Drs and nurses offering all these services, should the need arise.
Be safe and be prepared!
Thank you, Dr. Kim Larson N.D
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