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This new Google Group is open for membership.   Joining this group will give you the ability to post questions and give answers to questions, about living and visiting Boquete.
This is a Chat Room where political or religious issues are NOT  permitted, and members are asked to be courteous and not give opinions that cause consternation and cause rancor.   These are the kinds of posts you can place on Boquete Talks:
Real estate for sale or rent
Events that will happen 
Questions about where to find things or services
Answers to questions posed
Notices of businesses opening or closing
Restaurant reviews and opinions
Information about businesses
We ask that you make sure that the information you post is accurate, and that you verify facts you post as facts before you post.
You can choose how you will receive posts;   Daily Digest, Individual Messages, etc.   
This type of group exists in other communities and provides a great service to share information that is of assistance to other members of the community.
To join this group and begin posting information, questions and answers, just click here:  https://groups.io/g/BoqueteTalks
Penny Ripple
MEX - 52 415 167 0319
PAN - 507 6948 8255
USA - 321 215 7678
WhatsApp - 507 6948 8255
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