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At Pilates at the Haven, It's not about Exercising Harder... but Moving Smarter & Developing Good Form. Now! 2 levels of classes 4 days weekly.


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Pilates Basics- Becoming body & movement aware as we're sitting on a ball, standing & going down to a mat on the floor. Developing strength, flexibility, better balance, good posture, coordination, grace and fluidity.  As a baby needs to learn how to move, so we too need to relearn natural movement & acquire better movement skills as we age, to replace bad habits and damaging patterns developed over the years from injuries, surgeries, falls, working and sitting and just plain ignorance and poor body mechanics.

Ongoing classes M-W-F, 10 til 11:15 a.m.
Intermediate Pilates- For those with exercise & movement experience, who seek an intelligent work-out. Not just working hard to burn calories, but to develop greater movement skills and abilities and to maintain or acquire good, or better posture. 
Ongoing classes, Tuesdays and Thursdays, 8:30 til 9:45 a.m.
All in the fabulous, fully equipped Pilates/Yoga/ Fitness Studio at the Haven in Bajo Boquete. Classes $9 each for residents, $10 each for tourists & guests. Two class packages are available- $30 for 4 classes [mandatory to be taken in a month], and unlimited classes in a month for $75. Class packages are available to everyone; residents, tourists and guests.
No need to Register! Begin Anytime! It is hugely recommended students come at least 2 x weekly to acquire new skills, improve one's posture and develop good form.
Questions? Email Suzanne Clare, Certified Pilates & Yoga Instructor, & prior Personal Trainer with 28 years teaching experience, at suzeclare@gmail.com
To see photos and read more, go to The Pilates at the Haven, Boquete, Panama, page on Face book.
Looking Forward to Seeing YOU Soon!
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