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Notes and News from the Boquete Handicap Foundation


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Notes and News from the Boquete Handicap Foundation
(Fundacion Pro-Integracion or FPI).
1. Our big venta is coming up on Saturday March 21. We need your stuff. Whatever you're not using, please donate for the sale. You can drop your donations off with Leslie at the BCP Tuesday Market book table or take them directly to our center across the street from Chopsticks Restaurant in Alto Boquete.
2. We have a lot of our donated stuff on display already. You can stop in and browse any weekday between 9 and 3 pm. Remember to check out "Tienda Loesje" in one of our side rooms. Lot of small appliance, other electronics, home decor items, etc.
3. We need a volunteer technician who can make minor repairs on some donated items. Like loose wires or inoperable switches. Also it would be good if this person can help us test out donated electronics before our March 21 sale.
4. Right now we have a surplus of laptop computers for sale. All have been tested and will be unconditionally guaranteed for 60 days. Here's the list:
5. Remember that we need your broken, old inoperable computers. We can fix them. We can sell them and use the proceeds for the many programs run by FPI.
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