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Visual Pollution in the Banking District of PC, Including Related Political Aspects

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End in sight for banking area visual pollution


Posted 25/02/2020

The burying of the mess of overhead cables in Panama’s banking area will resume in the next three months according to the administrator of the National Public Services Authority (Asep), Armando Fuentes.

He confirmed to La Prena that soon a new tender will be made to complete the work that was pending after finishing the contractual relationship with the last companies responsible for implementing the project.

The tender will be carried out by Naturgy, an electric distributor in the area and responsible for the project.

In addition to the completion of civil works in the areas where they were pending, the regulator has authorized both Naturgy and the Cable Soterramiento company, in charge of the part of the telecommunications project, the start of the work of withdrawal of the aerial lines in the capital, and in Santiago de Veraguas and in David, Chiriquí.

The cable underground project aims to improve the quality of the electrical and telecommunications service because the lines will not be exposed to traffic accidents, animals or inclement weather.

In addition, it will be an improvement from the aesthetics point of view of and urbanism.

The architect Luis Alfaro said that the underground is important to improve the safety of pedestrians and reduce visual pollution, among others.

Until a year ago, the official registry showed that $14.4 million had been invested in the telecommunications segment between the underground projects of the banking area, Santiago and David.

$52.4 million were available in the trust created to pay for  the project



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OPINION – Credibility on the line


Posted 25/02/2020

The need to modernize the infrastructure of the main cities of the country, as well as the aspiration to recover the urban landscape, drove the cable underground project in the banking area of the capital and similar initiatives in the interior of the country. From the point of view of civil engineering, these efforts have an important level of complexity, since they must work in areas that are in permanent use by the population. Therefore, it is not surprising that the works have not been completed, that some of the contractors in charge have abandoned their respective projects and that the citizens are extremely upset by all this. Now, the Public Services Authority and one of the electric service concession companies revisit what has been done and commit to a new tender. It's hard not to lose hope, but both ASEP and the other participants in this story already have experienced disappointing public opinion. The credibility of the government of President Cortizo is also measured by the result of works like this. Perhaps, now, the authorities understand the importance of concluding them- LA PRENSA, Feb. 25



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