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Disrespect for women video slapped down by Panama tourism chief

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Disrespect for women video slapped down by Panama tourism chief


Posted 24/02/2020

A controversial video circulating on social networks in Panama during Carnival has raised a storm among women’s groups who claim it is an incentive to rape. and  has drawn a strong rebuke from  Tourism Administrator  Ivan  Eskilden who  condemned  its “disrespect  for women.”

It appears on the day that former Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein was found guilty of sexual assault and rape. The video from the program La Cáscara, shows a woman in a state of drunkenness who is mocked by an animator, who uses a controversial phrase that according to tweeters, and women's organizations, incites rape.

"If we want a better Panama, let's start by respecting ourselves," said Eskilden in his Twitter account. He  urged the media in general to highlight the positive of the carnival, and the disrespect for women “with acts like those circulating in social networks”

The group “Tener Ovarios “(Having Ovaries), has been one of the most active in responding on Twitter  "In Panama, during 2019, 6,883 sexual crimes were reported. Far from promoting consent in sexual relations, the garbage media insist on producing and publishing sexist content that incites rape culture," says one of its  tweets



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