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Boquete Artworks Gathering February 19th


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Boquete Artwork is delighted to present artist Ruth Bieber on Friday, February 19th on the 3rd floor of the Boquete Library. For over 35 years, Ruth Bieber counseled people with complex disabilities and their families.  Her frustration with the limited effectiveness of the traditional verbal approaches to therapy resulted in a tireless search for alternative modalities.  The searches ultimately lead Ruth to the power of the arts for personal growth and development!  She founded a theater company featuring disabled actors in the early 1990's and was Artistic Director of Inside Out Theater for 17 years.  Simultaneously, Ms Bieber began to incorporate all the various art forms in her counseling practice, including the visual arts.  One thing lead to another, and eventually Ruth aspired to become an artist herself! 


 Before losing her sight at age 7, Ruth recalls having a gift for drawing, but once the sight was gone so went the interest.  After all, isn’t that logical?  Blind people can’t become artists, can they?  Thirty years after the fact, and in conjunction with her shift in consciousness about the possibility of becoming an artist, the Goddess began to conspire!  Ruth will expand on her journey from blindness to artist during her talk at the Art Works gathering on February 19.  She will follow-up with a practical exercise highlighting the true nature of creativity as noted by artist and academic Lisa Lipset.  For more information about Ms Lipset’s research on creativity, refer to www.creativebynature.com




Bring a blind fold, or eye covering of some kind and a dollar donation for Mary Beth who is providing paints, butcher paper and a warm heart. If you desire, bring a tube of acrylic paint to share. We will be working at tables in small groups.  Ruth will provide paper plates for mixing paints as well as latex gloves (good to know, that not all acrylic paints are toxic! 


Please refer to Ruth’s website (gallery section) for examples of her abstract art www.playwithperspective.com


Since moving to Kelowna British Columbia Canada in 2010, Ruth has enjoyed several exhibits of her art in the Okanagan Valley.  In 2013 Ruth was the curator of an exhibit of works by four blind artists: Busser Howell (New York City), PJ Lockhart (Kelowna Canada), Bruce Horak (Calgary Canada), and Eriko Watanabe (Germany).  It might be assumed, that blind artists only paint in the abstract.  Whereas this is Ms Bieber‘s method of choice, there are in fact several legally blind artists, that paint in realism.  Only three of these artists include:  

In addition, for an article about Ms Bieber’s horseback riding trek in Patagonia (2014), complete with photos of her most recent art series, refer to the spring 2015 issue of the online Sage-ing magazine (special supplement): www.sageing.ca ‘Under the Argentine Moon; Riding Patagonia’.


Perhaps one of Boquete's artists would like to contribute to this magazine by writing an article of your own.  Editor Karen Close would love that!”


 Don't miss this opportunity to meet Ruth Bieber!


Thank you,

Boquete Artworks    

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