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Electric Vehicles: First Recharging Station

The company Celsia installed the first electric station in Panama, which has a capacity of 7.2 kilowatts of power and is compatible with any electric model.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

The company that opened the electric station in Alta Plaza Mall aims to meet the energy demand of more than 100 electric vehicles in circulation in the country, and will recharge for free until February 2020.

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María Karina Pinzón, representative of Celsia Energía, explained to Martesfinanciero.com that "... Celsia is betting in Panama for something different to the pattern of supply and demand, in this case, for these vehicles. Our message is that an electric station is an option for the public interested in electric cars."

The opening of the first electric station reflects the interest for electric cars in the country, in this respect Josimar Sampson, product geniuis of BMW, said that "... So far we have sold 13 cars of the denomination i3; 2 of the i8; 36 of the X5 40e; 2 of the 530e; and 12 of the 740e'."



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ENVIRONMENT: Panama trails in move to electric road transport


Posted 16/02/2020

Panama is lagging in converting to electric vehicles with only two electric buses, and with a million vehicles on the road just 200  in the hybrids or electric category.

A Bloomberg report names Costa Rica as the third country in the region with more electric vehicles, after Colombia and Mexico.

Panama has an electric mobility strategy reports La Prensa. but it must pass legislation that encourages the use of electric cars instead of combustion. A multisectoral committee has been formed to speed up electrification.

"One of the tasks is to work on a draft tax and non-fiscal incentives law," said Energy Secretary Jorge Rivera Staff. It also seeks to involve banks to finance electric vehicles with state incentives.



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Electric Vehicles: Investment in Charging Stations

In Panama, the company Evergo is investing in the implementation of 200 loading stations, which will be located in different areas nationwide and will be level 2 and level 3.

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

The long-term plan of Evergo, a company that is part of the InterEnergy Group's portfolio, is to install a total of 500 electric charging stations throughout the Panamanian territory.

The stations that it will put into operation in the Panamanian market are of two types of models, which are classified as level 2 and level 3, the latter are like super fast or fast charger, since they allow the complete charge of a vehicle, depending on the model, in less than an hour.

You may be interested in "Electric Cars: Who Are the Potential Buyers?"

Monica Lupianez, Director of Renewable Energy and Country Manager of InterEnergy Panama, told Martesfinanciero.com that "... By 2021 Evergo will continue with its plan to expand electric mobility, contributing as a source of impulse to the goals proposed in the National Strategy of Electric Mobility approved by the National Government in October 2019."

The article adds that "... Evergo's charging model is through self-service using the application available for both Android and IOS, from which users can consult the nearest charging station, plan their route, reserve, pay and start charging."


Source: martesfinanciero.com



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