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Security minister's name (Juan Pino) surfaces in $40 million helicopter probe

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Security minister's name  surfaces in $40 million helicopter  probe


Juan Pino

Posted 10/02/2020

The extension of a  $40 million criminal complaint filed in October 2019 includes the newly named Minister of Security, Juan Pino, and other commissioners s of the National Aeronaval Service (Senan) was raised this Monday, February 10, before the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor.

The complaint is due to the disappearance of a helicopter of  Senan and for the delivery of three other helicopters undergoing disrepair by a company.

The legal appeal was filed not only against Pino but against eight commissioners of the Senan.

The lawyer Justino González, who filed the complaint, said that in the extension to the demand documents and details were provided, of how within the Senan, a structure was formed to disburse money illegally. , to favor two companies that are listed with  the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor.

In October of last year, the Senan delivered a statement, stating that after detecting irregularities in the purchase contract of the two aircraft (AN 123 and AN 125), they filed a complaint against the contractors, according to the stipulated in the contract of guarantees reports TVN.

At that time, that is, in 2019, the director of the Senan was the  now Minister of Security.



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