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Comptroller withholds salaries of laggard officials

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Comptroller withholds salaries of laggard officials


Posted 10/02/2020

The salaries  of officials who, after seven months of  the government of Laurentino Cortizo, have not submitted the  mandatory statement  of assets  required  at the beginning and end of their  public functions,

The Comptroller's Office provided the National Authority for Transparency and Access to Information (Antai) with a list of public servants who have submitted their Affidavit of Patrimonial Assets and that amount to 95% of the officials, while 5% have not complied and their salaries are withheld.

The officials who are obliged to present the affidavit of their patrimonial status are: the President and Vice President, Magistrates of the Supreme Court, of the Ordinary and Special Courts; the Attorney General: Ministers and Vice Ministers of State, the Comptroller General;

the president of the National Assembly, the Rectors and Vice’ Chancellors of official universities, the Directors, the Managers of Autonomous Entities, the National and Provincial Directors of the Police Services; the Ombudsman and, and all management agents.



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