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First Clinic, Activities, Amazon Smile and More😻


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The first clinic of the year for Amigos de Animales is coming up on Sunday January 26. As a reminder, our clinics are always on the last Sunday of the month, January through October.

Some statistics: last year we spayed or neutered 2287 animals, 1161 dogs or 50.8% and 1126 cats or 49.2%, bringing our total animals to over 17,000 sterilized since 2005.

To kick off the year and to make sure all our volunteers are ready for the year, we held an information and training session on Wednesday January 15. Everyone was welcomed to Animales and it was noted that 2020 is the 15th year of our clinics and service to the community of Boquete. Then Ruby gave a brief history of the clinics and emphasized the importance of safety and cooperation between the vets, the volunteers, and those who trust us with their animals.

We gave an overview of how the process works and then each station lead spoke about their position and how it fits into the whole system. There are twelve stations that an animal goes through for the clinic, each one of them is vital for the safety and good outcome of that animal. That is why we want to make sure that all our volunteers are prepared and ready to work at whatever area they are in.


Over the next couple months we will look at the stations and how they work in the overall picture and make Animales the outstanding team that it is.

Appointments: Magaly is our appointment secretary and she is always working with the people who wish to register for the next clinic. Note that we do not make reservations or give out times, once a person comes to the clinic on Sunday, it is strictly a first-come/first served basis. But they must first register!


Pre-Registration and Data Input: Andy Mitchell spoke about the new registration procedure and all the information that we have been able to access since he computerized the clinic. We can now see who brought the animal in, how much they paid (not everyone can afford our already low costs), where the animal came from, male-female, the age of the animal, which vet worked on what animal and other pertinent information.


Once a registration number is confirmed at the Registration desk, Cary Trantham, enters in their number and begins the tracking of that animal for the entire clinic. Cary takes their money and they are given a tag which identifies that animal from beginning to end.




Calendar – 2020 might have just begun, but we are already thinking about 2021. Please contact Alicia if you would like to have your precious pet be a star in our popular calendar. Also, we need someone to secure the ads that provide the extra revenue for the calendar. Let Alicia know.

The next clinic is Sunday January 26. Registration for that clinic is currently closed. We will let you know when we are open for the February 23 clinic.
To volunteer, contact Alicia at akcleavenger@hotmail.com

There will be a short training class for all Recovery volunteers on Saturday the 25th beginning at 10:30.

From the Panama Insider

Boquete Needs You!
By Nanette Witmer 

Expats in Boquete feel compelled to give back to the community.
© Declan Aylward

In Boquete, most expats get involved with some form of volunteering. As a new expat, you'll likely feel compelled to engage, and spend some time each week giving back to the community... Topics of conversation at any expat gathering will undoubtedly include events in the volunteer community, and who is doing what.

Many organizations benefit from expats' expertise—skills expats built up in their previous careers can be of great assistance. No matter what your background or interests, you can make a big difference in Boquete by donating your time. Here are some ideas of the kind of volunteer opportunities that exist...

If you love animals, there are several places where you can put your fondness for dogs and cats to good use...

Amigos de Animales is an organization that offers regular spay and neutering clinics. They are always looking for volunteers in different capacities—such as to check in the animals, get the animals ready, give injections, assist the vets, and help with recovery. Training classes are provided and all are welcome. Surgeries are usually performed on the last Sunday of each month.

If you are ready to foster a dog or a cat, check in with Salvadores de Animales, Inc. They house dogs and cats that are not ready for adoption but would benefit from a foster home. These animals may be too young to be adopted out, need time to gain weight, or may need to recover from illness or trauma. They are also looking for volunteers to help with fundraisers, grant writing, legal support, and animal transport.

We know lots of you use Amazon but did you know that you can shop and do good at the same time? Sign up for Amazon Smile and support Animales with every purchase
Here is how you can sign up:
How to shop AmazonSmile:

1. Visit smile.amazon.com

2. Sign in with your Amazon.com credentials

3. Search for the charity of your choice: Amigos de Animales, Inc.  Ft. Myers, FL

4. Select it as your charity

5. Start shopping! – remember that you always have to go to smile.amazon.com to donate.

Alicia McGuigan
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