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Paul Myers has scheduled eleven Geology field trips for the period from Jan 25 to May 13. These trips are distributed among
5 different destinations which are described below. Most of them are still open and available. TO MAKE RESERVATIONS - E-mail Sara Crocker saracrocker3@gmail. com as soon as possible. 
OR - Paul Myers:   paul.myers600@gmail.com.
1. BARU EAST  (4-Hour):2/05 and 3/05; 0815-1230. For Geology beginners.  "Reading volcanic landscapes";  Five Caravan stops in the mountains around Boquete; 
2. BARU SOUTH  (6-hour)   1/25,  2/22 , 0815-1440   Geologic Evolution of Volcan Baru and Caldera River, Past & Present.  includes10km of new  cuts on Palmira-Potrerillos road,
3. CALDERA-GUALACA:  3/27: 0815-1500   This is a mystery-filled field trip. Where did the huge boulders with stone-age petroglyphs at Caldera come from? Caldera, and riverside outcrops at Gualaca Park of an unusual volcanic rock formed by a hot ashflow that went down a river into the ocean. Wet river sediments were incorporated into the ashflow.  
4. VOLCAN; 3/16 and 4/13; 0800-1600; Baru National Park provides a spectacular view of the Baru caldera and the debris avalanche formed when a huge piece of the volcano broke loose and spread SW across the coastal plain nearly to the Pacific Ocean.  We will see the exceptional features of this mega avalanche and study recent volcanic rocks exposed along the Gariche River in Volcan.  
5. PACIFIC ISLANDS;  4/30 and 5/13 0700-1700 joint offering of Paul Myers and Boquete Outdoor Adventures.  For $60, they will provide you with bus trip to the beach, towel, snorkel, hammock, boat ride out and back, lunch, and a lot of tlc and Paul will provide you with some stunning rock exposures of sediments that were deposited millions of years ago in a narrow sea between China mainland and a volcanic island arc.  -  "back-arc basin".  There might even be fossils.    Paul's part of the entertainment is free.  Be thankful he is not bringing his "Uke" E-mail Paul or Sara if you want to go:  they'll help you get registered and on the 7 a.m. bus.
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