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Philip Laidlaw, New interim Head of Mission for the US Embassy in Panama


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The U.S. Embassy in Panama announced yesterday that Philip Laidlaw is the new interim Head of Mission, effective January 14.  The information was received by La Prensa by press release, which highlights that the diplomat has served 18 years with the State Department.  Laidlaw replaces Roxanne Cabral who had been in that position since March 2018.

At Cabral's Farewell Reception, she said, “My family and I treasure the warmth of the Panamanian people, the beautiful nature and culture of this country, as well as their historical ties with the United States. I wish Panama a prosperous future as a model of democracy and economic growth for the region, guided by the cheerful and noble spirit of the Panamanian people."  She presented  Laidlaw as the new interim Head of Mission, according to the statement by the Embassy.

Cabral arrived in Panama as Minister Counselor in August 2017. She was nominated as United States Ambassador to the Republic of the Marshall Islands in May 2019, and was confirmed by the Senate in December of the same year.

Denese A. Rodgers
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