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Calling all modern-day goddesses...


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Hello ladies - Are you ready to celebrate and own what it means to be a powerful woman today?


Then come explore and play at this week’s seminar - “Coming Home – 3 Keys to Creating Connection, Compassion, and Celebration for Boquete Women!”


Each week we look at different aspects of the feminine and how we can expand our self-love, compassion, courage and create more of what we DO want!


This week we may be discussing three topics (and whatever else comes up based on the groups direction.)

1.      They myth of ‘balance’ and how the lie of “you can have it all” keeps us tired, grumpy and unfulfilled… and what to do about it.

2.      Waging peace in the war on our body.  Nuf said!

3.      How we can use the feminine archetypes to enhance our relationships.


And don’t miss our final session next week where one of the things we’ll learn is how to “Have your flirty way with the world… How to be better at asking for, and getting, what you want—without being a b__ch or a baby!”  


These experiential sessions are led by Jannette Anderson, a highly intuitive, trained and encouraging facilitator. Jannette has led workshops around the world for over 25 years and LOVES to support women in ‘grabbing life by the ovaries and going for it!’ She uses humor, compassion and a frank approach to provide inspiring ah-ha’s and breakthroughs.


For more information, you can call Jannette at 6685-4098.  Or just make the leap and come! J


Time:  FRIDAY 12TH (and 19th)  Registration 1:00 – 1:30   Workshop starts right at 1:30 – 4:00 pm

Location:  BCP – Villa Estrella Coffee Shop



Lo siento! – the workshop will only be delivered in English.

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