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Mauricio Cort (Bribery Frontman in Martinelli Era) Stays Behind Bars

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Bribery frontman in Martinelli era, stays behind bars


Mauricio Cort

Posted 11/01/2020

The Eleventh Criminal  ha rejected two appeals  presented  by the lawyer Mauricio Cort , investigated - in two separate cases - for alleged money laundering, related to bribery  through State contracts: of the construction of the Vía Brasil corridor , by Spanish  FCC , and the rehabilitation of Casco Viejo  , by the Brazilian company  Odebrecht

In both cases, Judge Nixela Aizprúa denied the claims of Cort's defense, which alleges that the prosecution had exceeded the term of the investigation.

Judge Aizprúa considered that the prosecution complied with the legal terms to request the declaration of complex cause in both investigations

According to the investigations, Cort served as an intermediary between Panamanian contractors and officials in the administration of former president Ricardo Martinelli (2009-2014), who would have received money for the allocation of mult-million dollar public works contracts.

Section II of the Vía Brasil corridor was assigned to FCC for an amount of $174.5 million, but in the end, cost $216 million.

In Casco Viejo , the cost of the works reached $255.4 million and, according to the investigation of the Special Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office , had a surcharge of $51.4 million.

In November 2019, Judge Aizprúa granted Cort a bail of $5 million, which he has not yet recorded. He remains detained preventively.

Cort is also named  in an investigation in  the Spanish National Court against FCC. credited with having acted as the head of senior government officials to facilitate the delivery of bribes.



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Lawyer who  moved multi-million Martinelli era bribes stays in jail


Posted 22/01/2020

The lawyer Mauricio Cort y García managed, received and transferred the “ illegal funds ” received through a public limited company - Arados del Plata, SA -, with bank accounts in other jurisdictions, for “illegal payments” to “senior officials ”in the administration of Ricardo Martinelli (2009-2014)  the  Special Anti-Corruption Prosecutor told to the Supreme court

The court reviewed the situation of Cort, in a habeas corpus presented by his lawyer  The plenary session - with a presentation by Abel Zamorano - considered the provisional detention ordered by the prosecutor's office legal, which investigates Cort as part of the file for the possible extra cost in awarding the contract for the preservation of the Historical Heritage of Panama City.

The lawyer is charged with the alleged commission of corruption offenses of a civil servant and prosecuted for embezzlement and has been detained since August last year.

The contract was signed on May 19, 2011, by the then Minister of Public Works, Federico Suárez -also arrested-, and, Julio Casla representative of the Spanish FCC

The investigation includes sworn statements by Casla and Eugenio Del Barrio (also from FCC) in which they say their immediate boss Avelino Acero met Pepe Suárez at the time, “who communicates that in order for the State to pay debts of projects prior to the five-year period 2009-2014, a 10% premium had to be paid and that same percentage would be applied to new projects that would be awarded to large companies, pointing out Odebrecht and Ica-Meco ”.

"It was an imposition that was transmitted to us and that, if we did not agree to it, we would not get what we were owed and would make it difficult for us to process all the files and, in the end, we could not return to work in Panama," Casla said. .

“The figure that should be put in the economic offer was communicated so that everyone would carry similar figures and in addition to the 10% payment on the projects that would be awarded in the case of the sections of Via Brazil,” said the prosecutor's office to the full Court.

Both Casla and Del Barrio said that instructions were given on the flow of funds: they should be made through the company Arados del Plata, SA and the person designated as “interlocutor” with the minister was  Mauricio Cort.

They met with Cort on several occasions to "verify" the amounts that should be deposited with Arados del Plata, "as well as the signing of fictitious contracts that sought to justify these payments, in addition to confirming that there was an extra cost in the rearrangement projects in Panama City, since the payment of bribes should be incorporated ”.

Section II of the Vía Brasil corridor was assigned to FCC for $174.5 million, but the work ended up costing $216 million.

The Casco Viejo project was awarded for almost $255.5 million but had an alleged overpricing of $51.5 million.

Cort's defense said, his client has already been sentenced to 48 months in prison as part of an agreement within the process for Odebrechtbribes, for which he would be incurring double prosecution.

The ruling declaring Cort’s detention legal, dated December 10 was signed by Zamorano (rapporteur), Olmedo Arrocha, Cecilio Cedalise, Hernán De León, Harry Díaz, Luis Ramón Fábrega, Jerónimo Mejía, and Ángela Russo. José Ayú Prado saved the vote.

Cort also appears in the so-called Blue Apple case reports La Pensa.



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Money laundering dual suspect seeks jail exit


Posted 12/05/2020

Mauricio Cort awaiting trial in two money-laundering cases linked to Odebrecht and FCC  two companies involved in Panama corruption scandals is making  fresh bids to get out of jail where he has been since June last year.

Two new habeas corpus remedies have been filed. Onr to is  linked to the Casco Viejo remodeling project by Odebrecht

The other is linked to the investigation for alleged money laundering related to the contract for the construction of phase II of the Vía Brasil corridor, carried out by the company Fomento de Construcciones y Contratas (FCC).

In a distribution of files held on May 11, the Secretary of the Court assigned magistrate Carlos Vásquez the habeas corpus action presented by the FCC case. While the appeal presented in the Odebrecht case was assigned to magistrate Maribel Cornejo.

Cort has been detained by the order of the Special Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office that investigates both cases.



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Tribunal niega amparo a Cort y no podrá consignar fianza

Juan Manuel Díaz C.
26 ago 2020 - 12:39 AM


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Lawyer at center of bribery scandals loses $5 million bail appeal


Mauricio Cort, a long wait ahead

Posted 26/08/2020

Attorney  Mauricio Cort the alleged frontman in multiple corruption and money laundering investigations will stay behind bars after The First Superior Court rejected an appeal against a  judge’s decision to deny the posting of  a $5 million bond.

The constitutional guarantee protection appeal was against the eleventh alternate criminal judge, Vila Urieta, in the case of  the remodeling of Casco Viejo, during the Martinelli administration (2009-2014).

Cort alleged that by not allowing him to post bail, Urieta violated his guarantees. However, in a ruling on June 24, 2020, with a presentation by Magistrate Carlos Raúl Trujillo, the Court concluded that the judge's refusal was duly justified.

The ruling indicates that Urieta did not admit the posting of the bond in favor of Cort, since all proceedings within that file have been suspended after the presentation of an accumulation incident by the defense of the former Minister of Public Works José Federico Suárez –also investigated– before the Fifteenth Criminal Court.

The ruling orders that all the booklets and appeals that are pending before the Eleventh Criminal Court shall be suspended until the matter of jurisdiction is resolved.

Cort remains detained in the El Renacer penitentiary.

He is also being investigated for alleged money laundering related to the construction of section II of Vía Brasil, awarded to the Spanish FCC.

The lawyer is mentioned by Spanish authorities as part of a complex network used for the alleged payment of bribes to obtain contracts to carry out public works between 2009 and 2014.

In 2018, he signed a collaboration and penalty agreement in the case that followed him for the bribes that Odebrecht paid in Panama.



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