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Energy Awareness for Vibrant Health


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Happy New Year, Boquete!!


I have two fantastic offerings for the community this month at the Butterfly House in Los Naranjos. These are basic energy classes, great for beginner exploration, as well as, essential tools for those skilled in working with life energy.

First, is a free, one hour intro class on energy perception and awareness. I’m offering this exact class twice, once on Sunday 5 January at 2pm and again on Thursday 9 January at 3:30. This class is designed for anyone interested in learning about life energy, but especially sensitive individuals who wish to learn tools to more easily navigate the flow of life. I’ve included a more detailed description below.

Second, is a 4 week class diving more deeply into this topic. Each class will present basic tools and practical application of important concepts about life energy and how we relate to it each and every day. Consider this class Life Energy 101. By the end, you’ll have numerous techniques that you can apply to increase the flow within your own life, better navigate the world around without feeling assaulted by it, and options for an incredible level of self care to increase the quality of life. Classes will meet starting Sunday 12 January at 2pm for 2 hours. Subsequent classes are Sunday the 19th, 26th of January, and the 2nd of February. Each class is $25, paid in advance. See the flyers below for more information.


To reserve your spot, send an email me at inspiritusearth@gmail.com or a message on WhatsApp +507-66172460


Intro Class -

Have you ever felt too sensitive in this ever changing, sometimes overwhelming world we live in? Have you ever wondered if there is anything you can do to navigate all of these sensations and emotions in a better way? Have you ever felt more connected to the animals and nature than you do to people?

About 20% of people are considered to be “highly sensitive individuals”. Are you one of them? If any of this resonates with you, then join me for this free class at the Butterfly House at the Honey Farm in Los Naranjos for an exciting afternoon, as we explore life energy and ways that we can better flow with ease through tumultuous times to co-create the world you desire. This class will offer tools that you can immediately apply to navigate our rapidly changing, often overstimulating world for greater health and vibrancy.

Rise into the new year with confidence and grace!

To reserve your spot, send an email me at inspiritusearth@gmail.com or a message on WhatsApp +507-66172460

Energy Awareness and Skills for Life
(Life Energy 101) -

All classes held at the Butterfly House located at Boquete Bees and Butterflies in Los Naranjos. natureboquete.com
To stay up to date with upcoming classes on Facebook
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