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Cloud Forest Botanicals Holiday Market Gift Bags


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Tis the season...
at the Tuesday December 17th Holiday Market
Cloud Forest Botanicals Hemp & Herb Gift Bags!
Have you been curious about CBD (and with all the hype, you've surely wondered, if you haven't already tried)?
This is the perfect opportunity to try a selection of GREAT products that blend the power of traditional herbal formulas WITH the amazing healing properties of WHOLE PLANT ORGANIC HEMP extract. No THC.
  • a dram (56 drops) of Muscle Magick Tincture -- relieve the pain and inflammation of sore muscles with this potent blend of Turmeric, piperine and ashwagandha oils enhanced with specific terpenes and CBD to calm the ache and strain.
  • 2 oz. of Massage Magick -- an amazing massage oil that blends avocado, coconut and olive oils with extracts of arnica, comfrey and other plants extracts with CBD. Deeply penetrating, great glide, subtle warming. Oh yeah! The gift that gives and gives!
  • .5 oz of Muscle Magick Salve -- for those small troubled spots. A warming, POWERFUL salve for pulled tendons, bruises, sprains. When our terrific PURE RELIEF formula isn't quite enough for targeted pain, this will do the trick!
A $45 value -- For the TUESDAY HOLIDAY MARKET ONLY -- $35.
AND...with any purchase of any Cloud Forest Botanical product, get a free taste of our Traditional PIRATE JUICE.
Don't know about this holiday tradition? Come by and check it out!!
Merry Ho-Ho-Ho from all of us at the Cloud Forest!
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