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‘Play games and you’re out’ Warns President About Public Contracts

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‘Play games and you’re out’ warns president


Posted 13/12/2019

Amidst growing concerns about irregularities in recent public contracts and lack of transparency in some government institutions, President Nito Cortizo issued a stark warning on Thursday, December 12.

"Whoever tries to play games  with the resources of the State is out ." The resources of the State are sacred... and there is no room for playing games." he said  during a community work His words were given where the ruler made a community work tour yesterday in Palmas Bellas, Colón

He issued the statements on the same day that it was announced that the National Charity Lottery, directed by Gloriela Del Río, declared “confidential” data, such as the name, ID and province of the lottery book holders, and citizens criticize two direct contracts recently given by  Urban and Home Cleaning Authority (AAUD).. One for $5 million was for the rental of 73 trucks for a year, and another for $2.5 million to wash the vehicle fleet daily for one semester.

The last washing contract is in the eye of the storm. The company All Multiservicios S, A, was hired for the daily washing of 73 vehicles for six months, equivalent to $35,267 for each truck reports La Prensa.

Last weekend, the Ministry of the Presidency announced the cancellation of the direct purchase of eight drinking water generators for a cost of $2.1 million. This decision was taken one day after La Prensa published a possible cost overrun of $ 1.3 million in the purchase. The contract would have been signed by the Vice President and Minister of the Presidency, José Gabriel Carrizo.

The Presidency, according to the contract, was going to pay $250,000 for each generator. La Prensa's investigation revealed that it cost the company $16,531 to import each of the pieces of equipment.

 The secretary of the National Council for Sustainable Development (Conades), Luis Ramírez, announced that the contract was being canceled and the purchase of the generators would be opened to tender. The purchase was to be processed with funds from the Conades.

Cortizo also announced that in January 2020  he will submit his team to an evaluation.



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Masters of theft and cynicism

Posted 10/09/2021

The Government of Laurentino Cortizo has paid and will continue to pay companies of dubious reputation, in light of the mediocre quality of the works they deliver to the State. Nobody in this government seems worried about the high and crazy costs of these projects, much less that a work is received complying with first-class technical and material standards, which is what it is paid for. The director of Pandeportes should have been fired for the terrible management in the change of the grass of Rommel Fernández. There is no doubt that this project is a complete scam of the State. A disgusting fortune was paid and we received a work that is not cheap. But the question we must ask ourselves is not whether the state pays for quality. What we must ask ourselves is who is behind –which scavenger– of these entrepreneurs, hired not because they are luminaries in what they supposedly do, but because their dazzling brilliance comes from their shamelessness to be the facade that serves to plunder the National Treasury and deliver the proceeds of the scam to their hidden partners. It is a pity that there is no authority that can against the new masters of theft and cynicism. – LA PRENSA, Sep.10.



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