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Suspect pushbutton killer left $20 to cover bloodstained sheets

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Suspect pushbutton killer left $20  to cover bloodstained sheets


Posted 08/12/2019

A police hunt is on for a man who rented a room in a La Chorrera pushbutton (a facility where rooms are rented by the hour for sexual encounters)  where a woman's body, was found, in a garbage bag, on Saturday, December 7.  

The local shift supervisor told police that the couple entered room 41 at around 2.55 pm, at the end of the shift at 4.55 pm, the man and alleged killer paid additional time and left at 6.55 pm reports TVN.

Prior to his departure, at 6.40 pm, the man called the front desk to say that the sheets were stained with blood and that he would leave $20 for the inconvenience caused.

The supervisor went to  the room and noticed that all the towels were stained with blood. When leaving the room he saw a black trash bag in a corner of the parking lot.

He realized that it was the woman's body, and notified the National Police.

The alleged murderer remains on the run.



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