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Upcoming geology activities with Dr. Paul Myers


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Our local geologist, Dr. Paul Myers, is planning a number of geology activities over the next few months. These will include many field trips, a BCP Tuesday Talk, and, possibly, Geology 101 classes. Further information is below.

To register for any of the field trips, or for more information, contact Paul Myers (paul.myers600@gmail.com / 507-6443-9572) or Sara Crocker (saracrocker3@gmail.com / 507-6367-5638).


BCP talk 

Paul Myers will give a BCP talk on February 18th titled "The Geologic Hazards of Living in the Caldera River Valley". He will discuss how to recognize and mitigate the effects of earthquakes, landslides, and super-floods in the Boquete area. This will serve as background for scheduled field trips.


Geology field trip schedule 

#FT1: Boquete local half-day (8:30am-12:30pm)

This field trip includes several roadside stops showing how geologic history of the area can be determined by careful study of the landscape and the exposed rocks

Dates: January 9, February 5, March 5, or May 13


#FT2: Boquete local full-day (8:30am-2:30pm)

This field trip emphasizes features of the landscape that reveal the effects of volcanic eruption, earthquakes, mass wastage (slumps and landslides) and floods in the complex evolution of a river valley on a volcano. Intended for those with prior field trip experience.  

Dates: January 25, February 22, or April 2


#FT3: Volcan (8:30am-3:00pm)

This field trip includes stops at canyons en route, the Baru caldera, and debris avalanche.

Dates: March 16, or April 13 (with different stops), May 4 (optional)


#FT4: Caldera/Gualaca (8:30am-1:00pm)

This field trip includes Caldera petroglyphs and a hot ash flow that may have entered the ocean.

Date: March 27


#FT5: Pacific Islands (8:30am-4:00pm)

This field trip will be coordinated with a tour operator and will be a boat trip to an island with excellent exposures of older marine sedimentary rocks deposited in a "back-arc" basin (similar to the China Sea). Cost pp to be negotiated.

Date: April 30


Geology 101 classes

High demand by former field trip participants has led to a plan to offer two 6-hour beginner geology courses each comprising three 2-hour sessions. The venue, dates and times are TBD. Consult News Boquete for further details.

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