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Got a broken computer? Need a new one? Keep reading . .


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The Handicap Foundation (FPI) needs your older and even broken computers and accessories. We fix them and sell them to fund the many wonderful programs the foundation supports.

comp1.jpg.220ab0b13514b8ccab47588590802fcf.jpgWe want your desktops and laptops

We want your keyboards and mice (mouses??)

We want your monitors



comp2.jpg.805f67e6fc700bdc384e35727113845e.jpgcomp3.jpg.4e238c4be083aeef8dfce181a2ebd8c5.jpgAnd we also need your electrical and vga cables  

You can bring your stuff to the FPI book table at the Tuesday Market or drop your donations off at the Handicap Foundation Center across the street from Chopsticks Chinese Restaurant in Alto Boquete.

We also have two nice Dell Laptops for sale:

1.Dell Latitude E6420 Laptop w/solid state drive and HDMI for $250
2.Dell Latitude E4300 Laptop for $160
All computers are unconditionally guaranteed for 60 days and all proceeds benefit the Boquete Handicap Foundation.
Email pjbarrett@aol.com or WhatsAp 6510-8934 for more information.
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