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La Villa @BCP February Calendar of Events


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Have you heard the buzz about the new cafe, La Villa, located at BCP? After three weeks, we're already a bit of a nexus point, and a permanent home for the handicap foundation's used book collection/fund drive (Thanks, Irene!). Something is happening every day at La Villa, and you are invited.
Last night we had a full house for our open mic with Bill McGraw. Missed it? Don't worry- next Saturday we will be doing it again, with a special guest MC to be announced (5:30 till 8:00pm)
Open Six Days a week!
Tuesdays for Market
Wednesday-Sunday 8am-8pm
Full schedule with details available here: http://www.lavillaboquete.com/#!events/i9f9w
  • Tue,  Feb 9: BCP market 9-12; Mindfulness & Movement with Andei 1:30-2:30; Blue Sky Ladies' Group 2:30-???
  • Wed, Feb 10: Train Style Dominoes. Snacks at 12 pm, gaming to follow.
  • Thu, Feb 11: Chinese Brush Painting, 2:30-4pm
  • Fri,   Feb 12: Coming Home Goddess Workshop 2/3, 1:30-4
  • Sat,  Feb 13: Open Acoustic Mic, 5:30-8pm
  • Sun,  Feb 14: First Inaugural Jazz Heads meeting. 12pm for a free mimosa.
  • Tue,  Feb 16: BCP market 9-12pm; Auditions 1-4pm
  • Wed, Feb 17:Train Style Dominoes. Snacks at 12pm, gaming to follow.
  • Thu,  Feb 18: Chinese Brush Painting, 2:30-4
  • Fri,   Feb 19: Coming Home Goddess Workshop 3/3. 1:30-4pm
  • Sat,  Feb 20: Open Acoustic Mic 5:30-8pm
  • Sun, Feb 21: Jazz Club @ noon
  • Tues Feb 23: Tuesday Market
  • Wed Feb 24: Train! Dominoes. Snacks @ noon, gaming to follow.
  • Thu Feb 25:  Pre-Jazz Parade Kickoff Party 10am-12pm! Chinese Brush Painting 2:30-4
  • Fri Feb 26: Pre-concert cocktails all afternoon. Shakura S'Aida Acoustic in the BCP theatre at 6pm
  • Saturday Feb 27: Open Acoustic Mic 5:30-8pm
  • Sunday Feb 28: Jazz Club @ Noon
Find us online: www.lavillaboquete.com
Find us on Facebook: La Villa 
Find us on Twitter: @VillaEstrellaPA
Findus on INstagram: VillaEstrellaCoffee
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