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Ladies... Remember to Come Home!


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A quick reminder that some fascinating women will be gathering at the Villa Estrella coffee shop at the BCP building this Friday afternoon for a unique, fun, and inspiring workshop called:  Coming Home! 3 Keys to Creating Connection, Compassion and Celebration for Boquete Women and we want you to join us!


In this light-hearted but profound, experiential workshop we’ll explore topics ranging from “How do I create (even more?) pleasure in my life without feeling guilty, neurotic, or greedy?” to “I’m surrounded by people but still feel lonely… what’s up with that?”  Or perhaps, “How do Amazon women get their partners to worship them… or at least take out the garbage?”, and possibly, “I’m fine, but you are a hot mess!  How to experience compassion when we are busy judging the crap out of people.”  And maybe even… “Goddess, smoddess! I have cellulite and an attitude. What’s so good about ‘coming home’ to this body?!”  While there are themes to each of the three afternoon sessions, we will go where the group leads so any, and all, topics are fair game. The point is to get women together to do what we do best. Connect at a deep level. To laugh. To share wisdom and experiences. And to explore the ‘more’ that just might be available for each of us.


These 3 afternoons of inquiry will be led by Jannette Anderson, an experienced, wise, and irreverent facilitator and coach who has been supporting women around the world in creating their BODACIOUS lives for over 20 years.


Registration is at 1:00 pm and we start right at 1:30. We will go to approximately 4 pm.  No fee, but ‘Love donations’ (that means whatever you want to give) will be gratefully accepted. J  You can buy awesome refreshments at the Villa Estrella coffee shop. Bring a notebook and pen if you’d like to take notes – but nothing else required. The 3 seminars will run Feb. 5, 12, and 19th. Each one is a stand-alone course, so you can come to any of them, but they do build on one another. Don’t miss this unique opportunity.


Please join us for a kick-butt and laughter-filled exploration of what it means to be a woman today!

You can reach Jannette at 6685-4098 if you have any questions.


BCP Coffee Shop – 1:15-4:00 pm   Friday Feb. 5, 12, and 19th. See you there!

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