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National Institute in PC Is An Educational Institution With Growing Controversy

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Teachers stay home after death threats


Posted 07/10/2019

Teachers of the National Institute have stopped work for 24 hours following death threats reports TVN

One of the educators explained said that on Wednesday, October 2, a mob that was not composed of students of the school. Gathered in front of a campus building.

On Friday, another mob was appeared and people were beaten, including students from the school.

Given the delicate nature of the situation and the various social factors, teachers have decided to take the measure, waiting for the Ministry of Education to give them a response on security.

The teacher said that it is a situation that not only occurs in the National Institute but also in other schools in the capital



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Nest of Eagles faculty, return to class  after death threats


Posted 08/10/2019

Teachers at  Panama’s National Institute,  known locally as “The Nest of Eagles” agreed to suspend their work stoppage after a three hour meeting with The Minister of Education, Maruja Gorday de Villalobos, on Tuesday, October 8. 

The stoppage was triggered by death threats against staff members and growing concerns about security.

The teachers agreed to lift the work stoppage starting on Tuesday while investigations continue into attacks and death threats received by educators.

Arturo Adames a of Physical Education teacher and president of the chapter of the Association of Teachers of the Republic of Panama, said that  20 days ago a mother, came to the 'Nest of eagles',  and assaulted a math educator because her  child had obtained bad grades during the first and second and quarter.

He said that another teacher in the field of physics received death threats through social networks.

Earlier reports detailed outside groups attacking students.



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Students block highway to bridge  demanding  principal’s removal


Posted 21/10/2019

Students of the National Institute closed Avenida de los Martires the principal road  to the Bridge of the Americas on Monday, October 21, They are  demanding  improvements in the school and removal of the principal following several complaints against her

The Childhood and Adolescence Police arrived to mediate with the students to allow the opening of the highway to way to the thousands of drivers, including public transit that circulates there.



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