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Sting Operation Uncovers Panama's City Hall Corruption Network

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There is a closely related topic. Please see http://www.chiriqui.life/topic/10459-the-justice-system-of-panama-is-flawed-andor-sick-leading-some-to-conclude-that-panama-is-a-failing-state. This topic is about a sting operation in City Hall, whereas the referenced posting is about the judicial system in Panama, specifically including the Supreme Court.


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Sting operation uncovers  City Hall corruption network


Panama City Hall

Posted 30/09/2019

A corruption network dedicated to soliciting bribes, with the aim of facilitating procedures and eliminating fines in the Municipality of Panama, was dismantled in an undercover sting operation last week. 

Among the miscreants now facing criminal charges are a former official and current employees  who  were allegedly detected charging bribes to some taxpayers reports La Prensa

To break up the network, an undercover operation was developed last Thursday, after an anonymous call warning of irregularities. The call was made by the administrator of a building in the capital, who reported that he was being subject to a bribery solicitation for an alleged fine that would be imposed for construction irregularities.

Investigators uncovered a former municipal employee who had been dismissed in 2017. Posing as an official of the Panama Mayor's Office of Panama, he requested $300 dollars from the supposed members of the building's board of directors, who were actually members of the Municipal and National Police,.When they ask for his identification documents, the former official decided to flee. In the subsequent car chase, he crashed into 10 vehicles, before being captured.

After he was arrested the former official - who was wearing a uniform of the entity – revealed the names of three accomplices within the municipality.

Mayor José Luis Fábrega announced on Friday, September 27  that the officials were dismissed and placed under the orders of the anti-corruption prosecution.

Fábrega said that investigations will continue and , he called on citizens to submit their complaints on the telephone line 204-1100 or through the website of the Municipality of Panama.



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OPINION; Corruption and impunity

Posted 01/10/2019

The Minister of Housing and Land Management filed three criminal complaints before the Public Ministry to investigate the alleged commission of crimes against the assets of the State, in the programs Roofs of Hope and Basic Health, developed by the previous administration. On the other hand, in an operation of the Mayor's Office of Panama and the National Police, it was possible to arrest the alleged members of a network of municipal officials and ex-servants who were dedicated to fraud.

 These are examples of what the authorities should do. State servants must understand that it is their obligation to inform the authority of the alleged commission of crimes, especially if they are public funds. This action is not political persecution or a waste of time. Conversely, It is the manifestation of the real commitment to the fight against corruption. It is a pity that after each government this is the common spectacle. If accountability is lacking, and the certainty of punishment by full and efficient courts is absent, there is no possible future for our democracy. Corruption and impunity are the worst poisons of the social body.- LA PRENSA. Oct.1



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