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2019 Soup Fest


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Polyglot Thanks

You came!  You sampled!  You savored!  And you supported.

There are no words to express our gratitude, but I’ll try anyway.

I never seem to be able to sample all of the soups you made and brought, but I have heard only rave reviews!  Thank you so much to:

Heather Dyer

Colibri Restaurant

Beth Abrahams

Sue Davis

Kathleen Fredrick

Dianna Land

Coni Reeder

Nan Landsman

Cathy Schulte

Leah Bondad

Joyce Kinnear

Kathy Rutz

Lin Hall

Sara Crocker

Day Stefanelli

Bethony Sproles

Molly Traynor

Kate Gross

Cynthia Slade

Elaine Lewis

Tony Ettlin


And the cookies!  Oh, my gosh, the cookies!!  To all of you who baked up a storm, the far too many that I sampled were delicious!

Very special thanks to Richard Meyer at Sugar and Spice for the breads.  You always share generously, and we so appreciate it.

And to those unknown-to-me bakers who brought cornbread – well, as we say in the South, it was good enough to make you slap yo’ mama!
To the BCP, we could not have served our guests without the tables you so graciously let us borrow.

To Chris Young – and all your staff – at Boulder 54, I can only say that it was a wonderful venue, and all of you helped us in every way possible.  We truly, truly appreciate your hospitality. 

Finally, to you wonderful people of Boquete, I repeat myself:  You came, you sampled, you savored.  And you supported the Boquete Knitters and Quilters in our efforts to raise funds to continue our work of making soft, warm, beautiful, handmade quilts, blankets, caps, booties and sweaters for our tiny neighbors.  Because of your generosity, we raised nearly one-third of what we need for the next year.
If you wish, you can also donate at any time via PayPal at:
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