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Two-week-old kidnapped baby found unharmed


Posted 31/08/2019

A  15-day-old baby who was taken from her mother in  David, Chiriqui on Friday, August 30, was found unharmed on Saturday after a tip from a member of the community.

The kidnapper, a woman of around 40, had befriended the mother of limited means at a local hospital. and offered to help her. She drove the mother and child to a clothes outlet, and while the mother had her back turned disappeared with the baby

The National Police said that they recovered the baby in the Varital sector of David and reported that a person has been detained.



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Baby snatcher who  faked birth papers behind bars


Posted 02/09/2019

Ruth Olmos Valdés  a 37-year-old schoolteacher   who befriended a teenage  indigenous mother and then stole her 15-day- old baby girl is in preventive detention after appearing before a judge of guarantees Erick Polanco on Sunday, September  1

The victim's mother, Yaribeth Palacios, 18, said the woman approached her at the José Domingo Obaldía Maternal and Child Hospital in Chiriqui province and promised to help her.

The indigenous woman, because she did not have identification documents, could not remove the baby on August 29. and the woman took her to a Fonda in David, Chiriquito to eat and then to a store supposedly to buy her clothes. While they were in the store, the woman disappeared with the baby.

According to the prosecution, Valdés had planned the theft of the baby since December 2018, as she had altered documents from a private hospital where she said she had given birth after telling her partner she was pregnant.

According to the judge, the accused used the victim's vulnerability to strip her of the infant. In addition, he said that she is considered a danger to the community for which he ordered provisional detention.



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