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Global Bank ACH problem?

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In the last week or two I've made several ACH transfers from my Global Bank checking account to a checking account at another bank. Each time the bank has sent the money to a SAVINGS account rather than the recipient's checking account. Since the savings accounts don't really exist, the money disappears from my account, but never reaches the recipient's account. Despite these failed transfers Global Bank has not restored the money to my account. Their customer service so far does not have a clue as to what's going on.

Is anybody else having this problem with ACH transfers from Global or is it just me?

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A friend bought a ticket from an online budget airline ticket vendor and the bank here in Panama withdrew the money from his savings account but strangely it never arrived at the Airlines and the ticket was never confirmed.  The money from his savings was eventually returned from being lost in cyber space.  The time it took to return his money caused a delay and resulted in him paying a great deal more for the ticket.   He never got an answer on what exactly happened.

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